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Men's Issues

Many men have been raised in families with one set of values and find that they are now living in a social environment with different values. Changes in the role of women in society and in the family have had an impact on the role of men as well. Yet while there has been a variety of educational and social support measures supporting women during this transition, there have been fewer educational and social support measures for men. This has resulted in a gender gap with respect to adjusting to these social changes.

Also, some men tend to be reluctant to seek help for personal issues. They may feel that seeking help is a sign of weakness. Some men may feel vulnerable to share about their inner self.

Some issues may be:

    * Abuse and domestic violence
    * Power and control issues
    * Addictions including Pornography
    * Spirituality
    * Boundaries
    * Sexuality and intimacy issues
    * Self esteem
    * Anger
    * Emotionality
    * Depression
    * Same sex attraction
    * Fathering / parenting 

In reality, it takes wisdom, courage and strength of character to recognise the need for help in transitioning from our understanding of the male role as modeled by our fathers, to one that supports our life and family in our present world.

If you want help to understand your changing environment or need better personal skills to function in this changing social context.