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Personal counselling
Personal counselling provides an opportunity to be listened to while you talk about the challenges that you are facing in life.

Pre Marriage Counselling
Marriage is perhaps the most complex of human relationships.

Children's Issues  -  Counselling a child requires a relationship to be established between the child and the counsellor.

Men's Issues
Many men have been raised in families with one set of values and find that they are now living in a social environment with different values.

Issues Relating to Women
Through appropriate counselling assistance, you will be encouraged to explore life patterns and significant issues in a caring and supportive environment.

Telephone Counselling
Locating a counsellor may be a challenge where distance is an issue.  Telephone counselling may provide a viable option.

Family Interactions
Family counselling involves the entire family.

Life Changes and Transitions
Life transitions are predictable changes in our lives associated with a discontinuity with the past.

Loss and Grief  -  Loss can be loss of hope for the future as well as loss in the past, loss of a way of life, of a person.

Stress and Burn Out
Stress is prevalent in virtually all life and work environments.

Anger Management  -  Everybody experinces and expresses anger.

Divorce Recovery
In divorce recovery, counselling assists the client to understand and cope with the strong feelings that can arise before, during and after a divorce.

Corporate Services
Many progressive employers are learning that investing in their employees is good for business.

You can ask a trained mediator to act as an impartial third party.

Professional Supervision
Effective supervision is experinced as supportive and challenging.

Spiritual Companioning
The goal of spiritual companioning is to cultivate openness and responsiveness to spiritual issues in our lives.

Retreats and Quiet Days
In the hectic termoil of modern living it is easy to lose sight of what is really important.

Workshops and Seminars
Being Authentic in Communication, Change Happens - Like It or Not (Men in midlife Crisis),
Church Management and Administration Skills.